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**Major spoilers ahead** No matter how the box office figures eventually pan out, much will be discussed about “Blade Runner 2049” in the years to come. Packed with ideas about the future, creation, our relationship to digital technology an…

The reviews are out, and thanks to the near universal critical acclaim, everyone can’t wait to see “Blade Runner 2049.” However, there’s one surprising name that’s in no rush to see the highly anticipated sequel: Hampton Fancher. The screenwriter of the original “Blade Runner,” and co-writer on the followup, reveals that he has been pretty much outside the process for ‘2049.’ He turned in his work, and everyone went off to make the movie, and now, he’s wary — but excited — about the final result. Continue reading “I’m Scared”: ‘Blade Runner 2049’ Screenwriter Hampton Fancher Hasn’t Seen The Movie Yet at The Playlist.

Blade Runner 2049” is on the way, and judging by the recently released timeline exploring what has happened between the original film and sequel, a lot of thought has been put into it. However, the upcoming film from Denis Villeneuve is not the first time the idea of a followup to the 1982 sci-fi classic has been considered. In fact, not along after “Blade Runner” originally opened, concepts were being tossed around about a possible followup, and screenwriter Hampton Fancher has revealed one of the early ideas that was being toyed with. Continue reading Original ‘Blade Runner’ Sequel Would’ve Been John Le Carré-Esque at The Playlist.

The new Hollywood documentary “Escapes” tells the story of Hampton Fancher in Fancher’s own words. A strangely-careered dancer, actor, screenwriter, director, and producer, Fancher is particularly notable for having written and produced Ridley Scott‘s “Blade Runner,” as well as being the writer of Denis Villeneuve‘s upcoming sequel, “Blade Runner 2049.” A film about a quirky Hollywood type, “Escapes” is appropriately produced by quirky Hollywood type Wes Anderson. Continue reading New Trailer For Wes Anderson-Produced Documentary ‘Escapes’ About ‘Blade Runner’ Writer Hampton Fancher at The Playlist.