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Not many actresses have managed to rebrand as successfully as Gemma Arterton. Just a few years back, and she was known mostly for her short-lived stint as a Bond girl, and for standing around delivering exposition in bad blockbusters like “Clash Of The Titans” and “Prince Of Persia.” But since then, Arterton’s been able to show us what she’s really capable of. In the past few years, Arterton’s eschewed tentpoles for small, interesting indie movies in the U.S. Continue reading ‘The Escape’: Gemma Arterton Falls In Love In Paris [TIFF Exclusive Clip] at The Playlist.

Following “The Town,” Ben Affleck gave himself the Terrence Malick experience with “To The Wonder,” and teamed up with David Fincher for the razor sharp thriller “Gone Girl.” But sandwiched between those films was the forgettable “Runner Runner.” While the actor might’ve relished chewing the scenery (and boy, did he ever), the low grade B-movie failed to be elevated by its stars which included Justin Timberlake and Gemma Arterton. Continue reading Gemma Arterton Says ‘Runner Runner’ Made Her Want To Stop Being An Actor at The Playlist.

Entering the Trump years, if there’s any silver lining to be taken from his rule, it’s how the public has been galvanized to act, coming together to stand up for everything from healthcare to refugees to LGBT rights. So perhaps the timing is perfect for Lone Scherfig‘s “Their Finest.” READ MORE: Lone Scherfig’s ‘Their Finest’ Starring Gemma Arterton & Bill Nighy Is A Charming Feminist Love Letter To Filmmaking [TIFF Review] Starring Gemma Arterton, Sam Claflin, Bill Nighy, Jack Huston, and Richard E. Continue reading Gemma Arterton Creates Movie Magic In New Trailer For Lone Scherfig’s ‘Their Finest’ at The Playlist.