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The official deadline for submissions for the 2018 Sundance Film Festival is less than a month away, but the Sundance Institute made a number of unexpected summer announcements regarding the next edition of the fest. First off, the studio unveiled a ne…

We’re just over a month away from the beginning of the fall festival season, that traditionally kicks off with the opening of the Venice Film Festival. Venice tends to land some of the key awards season pictures releasing before the end of the year and the 2017 edition is already no exception.  It’s been revealed today that Alexander Payne‘s latest directorial effort, “Downsizing,” will open la Biennale on August 30th. Continue reading Alexander Payne’s ‘Downsizing’ Starring Matt Damon To Open 2017 Venice Film Festival at The Playlist.

KARLOV VARY – The 2017 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival opened with Casey Affleck and Uma Thurman receiving Presidents Awards (aka lifetime achievement honors). Almost a week later the festival is winding down and Jeremy Renner is in town to receive the last of this year’s honors as well as to present his hew film, “Wind River.” The question that was top of mind for the assembled media, however, were the recently revealed injuries Renner sustained shooting a movie. Continue reading Jeremy Renner’s Broken Bones Will Heal Before He Shoots ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ [Karlovy Vary] at The Playlist.

KARLOVY VARY – The competition films for the 2017 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival have focused on everything from human resources corruption (“Corporate,” better suited as a TV drama)to the long term affects of the Bosnian War (“Men Don’t Cry”) and the fate of an ousted president on the run (the disappointingly stiff “Khibula”). The latter two, in particular, provide an insight into Eastern European history that is certainly not given enough of a spotlight in the West. Continue reading Refugee Smuggling Becomes Convenient Storyline For ‘More’ and ‘The Line’ [Karlovy Vary] at The Playlist.

KARLOVY VARY – 2017 is turning out to be one exceptional year for gay cinema with “Call Me By Your Name,” “120 Beats Per Minute” and “God’s Own Country” all earning raves on the festival circuit. That trend continues with Ofir Raul Graizer’s delicate and moving “The Cakemaker” which debuted at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival on Tuesday. Beyond its gay subject matter, it’s primarily a film about love and loss and the fact that Graizer can bring a slightly new perspective to a classic literary and cinematic theme is one of the filmmaker’s most unique achievements. Continue reading ‘The Cakemaker’: A Delicate And Moving Drama That Questions Love Beyond Sexual Identity [Review] at The Playlist.

KARLOVY VARY – On Friday night Casey Affleck joined Uma Thurman and James Newton Howard in receiving lifetime honors during the opening ceremony of the 2017 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. Affleck joked something along the lines of “If I am marking films people don’t see I must be doing something right.” It was a light hearted moment (and somewhat inaccurate compared to many of his peers), but during a press conference for his upcoming release “A Ghost Story” Affleck indicated he thinks he’ll continue his recent indie streak for the foreseeable future. Continue reading ‘A Ghost Story’: After Oscar Win Casey Affleck Says He’s Not Sure He’ll Ever Be Comfortable In The Spotlight at The Playlist.

KARLOVY VARY – Director David Lowery is currently on a global tour as his Sundance smash, “A Ghost Story,” prepares for release in a number of territories including the United States on July 7.  The filmmaker hasn’t gotten much rest, however, as his next project, “The Old Man and the Gun,” just completed shooting last month and he’ll immediately head back into the editing room when his “Ghost” promotional duties are over. Continue reading David Lowery Says ‘Old Man And The Gun’ With Robert Redford “Experimental” Like ‘A Ghost Story’ at The Playlist.

KARLOVY VARY – Oleg cares. He really does. The Russian paramedic (played by Alexander Yatsenko) is passionate about taking care of his patients. When a new boss arrives to oversee the ambulance squad he’s a part of Oleg ignores the new rules because they impede his ability to help people whose lives are in mortal danger. While he’s focused on the job the question quickly turns to whether he’s also passionate about his marriage to his beautiful wife, Katya (Irina Gorbacheva), a doctor at a local hospital. Continue reading ‘Arrhythmia’: Russian Drama Can’t Get Its Heartbeats To Sync Up [Review] at The Playlist.

It had been hot and bright all the days prior, with the sun blazing down from the clear blue skies over Cluj, during my visit to the Transilvania Film Festival in Romania. But the day of my interview with Francis Lee, director of the heartswellingly lovely “God’s Own Country,” which opened the Edinburgh Film Festival this week, dawned gray and rainy and stayed that way. Continue reading ‘God’s Own Country’ Director Francis Lee On ‘Pretty Woman,’ Brexit And This ‘Super Exciting’ Era Of Queer Cinema at The Playlist.

Did you know there is a new movie premiering at the 2017 Los Angeles Film Festival that feature the onscreen reunion of “Westworld” stars Ed Harris and Clifton Collins, Jr.?  Hollywood is always full of surprises, isn’t it? Trevor White’s “A Crooked Somebody” centers on Michael (“Mad Men’s” Rich Sommer), a psychic con artist who becomes entangled with a career criminal (Collins, Jr.) who is haunted by one of his murder victims 20 years before.   Continue reading ‘A Crooked Somebody’: Exclusive Stills With ‘Westworld’s’ Clifton Collins, Jr. And ‘Silicon Valley’s’ Amanda Crew at The Playlist.