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Domhnall Gleeson is spending the fall season showing off his dramatic chops, appearing in Darren Aronofsky’s “mother!,” Tom Cruise’s action movie “American Made,” leading the biopic “Goodbye Christopher Robin,” and of course, getting ready for the bloc…

The “Star Wars” universe has really gone through a big shake up in the last six months: directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller fired from the “Han Solo” movies, and filmmaker Colin Trevorrow parting ways with Lucasfilm on “Star Wars: Episode XI,” both re…

Everybody wants to be “Goodfellas.” It’s the coolest, slickest kid in school. Ever since Martin Scorsese‘s influential mobster epic first came onto the scene in 1990, many directors and producers have tried to replicate that iconic film’s free-wheeling, high-rolling style. Whether it’s “Lord Of War,” “American Hustle,” or “War Dogs,” to name a mere few, Hollywood isn’t shy about trying to recreate that smooth criminal classic’s singular success. Continue reading ‘American Made’ Is A Charming, Familiar ‘Goodfellas’ Copycat [Review] at The Playlist.

Domhnall Gleeson certainly seems to be covering the “movies based on childhood favorites” bases pretty well. Next month, he’ll get dramatic telling the story behind the creation of Winnie The Pooh in “Goodbye Christopher Robin.” And after he goose steps around in “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” the actor will hop over to “Peter Rabbit,” where he’ll get into all kinds of hare raising trouble. Continue reading ‘Peter Rabbit’ Trailer: Domhnall Gleeson Has Hare Raising Trouble at The Playlist.

In through the nose, out slowly through the mouth…If you are not familiar with the Lamaze breathing technique for women in labor, acquaint yourself with it before donning your hazmat suit and embarking on Darren Aronofsky’s mother!” which uncoils from a murderously tense, tricky and claustrophobic first hour into some of the most sustained escalating insanity (and scorchingly brilliant filmmaking) ever to burn down a cinema screen. An incendiary religious allegory, a haunted-house horror, a psychological head trip so extreme it should carry a health warning and an apologia for crimes of the creative ego past and not yet committed, it’s not just Aronofsky’s most bombastic, ludicrous and fabulous film, spiked with a kind of reckless, go-for-broke, leave-it-all-up-there-on-the-screen abandon, it is simply one of the most films ever. Continue reading ‘mother!’: Darren Aronofsky’s Scorchingly Brilliant Thriller Is Visceral, Go-For-Broke Madness [Venice Review] at The Playlist.

Hollywood is filled with great scripts that are forever stuck in development hell, struggling to find the right of talent and people willing to take a risk to make it happen. And then there are movies like “Crash Pad,” which somehow get made without any problems, even though they feel like a low-grade rehash of about a half dozen movies you’ve seen before. Oh wait, maybe that’s exactly why they get made. Continue reading ‘Crash Pad’ NSFW Trailer: Domhnall Gleeson & Thomas Haden Church Party at The Playlist.

As Tom Cruise heals up from his “Mission: Impossible 6” injury, the ever busy actor has another big movie on the horizon with “American Made.” Early notices have been very positive about the Doug Liman joint (the film currently stands at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes after 8 reviews), and now you can get a taste for the action drama with four clips. Based on a true story, the film follows an ordinary pilot who is recruited by the CIA to run one of their covert operations, and of course, nothing goes as smooth as it should. Continue reading Tom Cruise Is ‘American Made’ In 4 Clips at The Playlist.