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These days, it’s not enough to have your successful comic book property or brand exist on one platform. Sony knows this well, and it’s why in addition to relaunching Peter Parker in “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” they’ve got an animated movie coming next year, and a Venom based movie universe in the works. Marvel, of course, has their tentacles everywhere from the multiplex to Netflix to premium cable, and now another high profile project is on the way. Continue reading Donald Glover & Marvel Bringing Animated ‘Deadpool’ Series To FXX at The Playlist.

Chalk it up to intense cynicism, or maybe just the experience of having lived through more blockbuster springs and summers than we care to remember, but when the first “Logan” trailer premiered back in October of last year, a couple of us had our doubts. You put officially the world’s most grief-and-regret-ridden song, Johnny Cash‘s cover of “Hurt,” over a trailer for a movie about a dude with retractable metal claws and the power to self-heal while chewing on a stogie, and you’re asking for a comparison that the film surely could not sustain. Continue reading ‘Logan,’ ‘Deadpool’ And The Paradox Of The R-Rated Superhero Movie at The Playlist.

We’re a few days away from the Oscars, the annual celebration of the artistry of the medium. As the major studios increasingly pivot to blockbusters, one could argue the show is even more important than ever in shining the spotlight on the kinds of movies that are getting more difficult to make. Would “La La Land” have made over $340 million worldwide were it not in the awards conversation all season long? Continue reading Oscar Host Jimmy Kimmel Says “There’s Nothing Serious About The Movies,” Wishes ‘Deadpool’ Got Nominated at The Playlist.

The writers of “Deadpool,” Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, might be a little bummed that their irreverent anti-superhero film was completely shut out of the Oscar nominations last week, but they remain unbowed (and hey, there’s still the WGA awards to come). They have plenty to be happy about with at least two more “Deadpool” movies on the way, plus an entire franchise that could yield “X-Force” and much more. Continue reading ‘Deadpool’ Writers Talk Wolverine Collaboration, Rumored Cameos & More at The Playlist.

Building up quite a head of steam before this weeks’ Oscar nominations, “Deadpool” — despite plenty of love from the various industry guilds — walked away with nothing. Best Adapted Screenplay was likely the film’s best shot, with Best Picture a wildly distant outside chance, but it irked some to see one of the biggest hits of last year get no recognition, while both “Suicide Squad” and “Doctor Strange” managed nods (the Oscars are many things, but perfect isn’t one of them). Continue reading Jake Gyllenhaal Says Ryan Reynolds ‘Deadpool’ Performance Deserved An Oscar Nomination at The Playlist.

People get excited about Oscar nominations day in part to see how their favorite films or actors do with the Academy. But we also get to see, after months of prognostication, precursors and predictions, what curveballs are thrown by voters, which sure bets end up missing out, and which seeming no-hopers suddenly become Oscar nominees. The 2017 batch, revealed this morning by some awkward pre-shot interview clips and the voice of a “Westworld” murderbot, delivered on both fronts. Continue reading The Snubs & Surprises Of The 2017 Oscar Nominations at The Playlist.

With 40 minutes of “Logan” seen by press, and widely praised, now it’s time for the new Wolverine movie to deliver goods. We’ll find out soon enough if it’s got what it takes when it premieres at the Berlin Film Festival, but there’s no doubt that director James Mangold and star Hugh Jackman are really going for it this time out. And they have the success of “Deadpool” to thank for making Fox feel more confident about letting Wolverine out of his cage with an R-rating. Continue reading New Images From ‘Logan,’ James Mangold Reveals Details Of R-Rating, Explains How ‘Deadpool’ Helped The Movie Go Gritty at The Playlist.