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Looks like someone was logging some overtime this weekend. 20th Century Fox has been busy this morning announcing future dates for their 2018 roster. First it was FOUR (yes, four) “Avatar” films starting in 2020 (about five years or so behind schedule), now the studio has revealed the near future of its “X-Men” universe. While all dates were previously just “Untitled Fox / Marvel Film” placeholders, each one has been revealed. Continue reading ‘Deadpool 2’ & Two More ‘X-Men’ Films Dated For 2018 at The Playlist.

20th Century Fox stakes out a slew of other release dates, including for Steven Spielberg’s Pentagon Papers film, two more superhero movies and Steve McQueen’s ‘Widows.’ read more Source: Hollywood Reporter Box Office

As per usual, the internet was once again wrong about the casting for “Deadpool 2.” While reports surfaced a couple weeks back that Michael Shannon was the frontrunner to play Cable, with “Stranger Things” star David Harbour also in the mix (and overtures made to Brad Pitt and Russell Crowe), none of those names have landed the gig. Continue reading Josh Brolin Is Cable In ‘Deadpool 2’ at The Playlist.

Just like any other major A-list, Brad Pitt is very, very choosy, but unlike Tom Cruise and Will Smith, he doesn’t take on blockbusters very often. Prior to “World War Z” (which turned into fiasco, which likely only strengthened his resolve to be careful in selecting such projects), you’d probably have to go back to the “Ocean’s Eleven” movies for his last major franchise (not counting his handful of animated voice roles).  Continue reading Brad Pitt Reportedly Considered Playing Cable In ‘Deadpool 2’ at The Playlist.

It’s been a long, sometimes rocky road to “Deadpool 2,” but it looks like things are starting to roll more smoothly. Fans got a very early teaser/short sketch film to hold them over for now,  and the movie has finally found a Domino in Zazie Beetz. However, Cable remains another big character to cast, and a new name has entered the mix for the role. READ MORE: ‘Logan,’ ‘Deadpool’ And The Paradox Of The R-Rated Superhero Movie Michael Shannon is said to be on the shortlist for the part, and have frontrunner status, with “Stranger Things” star David Harbour also in contention. Continue reading Michael Shannon In The Mix For Cable In ‘Deadpool 2’ at The Playlist.

After months of speculation, rumors, frontrunners, shortlists and lots of guesswork, Domino has finally been cast in “Deadpool 2.” But naturally, it’s a name that was on nobody’s radar. Ryan Reynolds himself revealed that Zazie Beetz has joined the blockbuster sequel, in what is easily her most high profile role to date. The actress is perhaps best known as Van on the hit FX series “Atlanta,” but you also might’ve seen in her in a couple of episodes of Joe Swanberg‘s Netflix series “Easy.” Either way, she’s about to see a huge leap in attention and she’ll be taking quite a ride on the comic book train. Continue reading ‘Deadpool 2’ Finally Casts Domino at The Playlist.

The secret is out, and unless you’ve managed to stay away from internet, you probably know that in North America at least, fans heading into cinemas for “Logan” are getting a bonus treat with a “surprise” teaser for “Deadpool 2.” Of course, it didn’t take long for crappy mobile phone rips to start floating around the web, but the official version has now landed. Since the sequel is still casting and hasn’t started filming, this is not a trailer, but a bonus scene of sorts, with Deadpool attempting to save a man from being mugged, but being foiled by taking far too long to change into his costume Superman-style in a phone booth. Continue reading Ryan Reynolds Does No Good Deed In First Teaser For ‘Deadpool 2’ at The Playlist.

It took more than a decade of grinding it out both on television and at the movies, but David Harbour finally got the due he deserved and a helluva a role in last year’s breakout Netflix hit, “Stranger Things.” As a result, more doors are likely opening for the actor, though he’s no stranger to blockbusters, having popped up in “Suicide Squad,” “The Green Hornet,” “Quantum Of Solace,” and “The Equalizer.” Still, none of those projects are “Deadpool 2.” READ MORE: What Will Be The Biggest Box Office Blockbuster Of 2017? Continue reading ‘Stranger Things’ Star David Harbour In The Mix For Cable In ‘Deadpool 2’ at The Playlist.

Do I even have to say it? Well, here goes: **SPOILERS AHEAD! DO NOT PASS! DON’T @ ME!** Continue after the jump, if you dare…. Alright, now that you’ve been sufficiently warned, let’s get to it. Remember those rumors about Deadpool making an appearance in “Logan“? Well, that’s not happening, but you will see the foul-mouthed character in multiplexes this weekend. Continue reading Surprise! Trailer For [Redacted] Drops In Front Of ‘Logan’ This Weekend at The Playlist.

Still without a release date, it seems Ryan Reynolds wants “Deadpool 2” to be the best it can be, and if the rumors are to be believed, he’s flexing all the creative muscle he has on the sequel to realize his vision. Last fall, “Deadpool” director Tim Miller exited the picture, with “John Wick” co-helmer stepping in to replace him. Continue reading Drew Goddard Joins ‘Deadpool 2’ Writing Team, Joe Carnahan Penning ‘X-Force’ at The Playlist.