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***Turn back if your log is afraid of spoilers*** The end is near for the “Twin Peaks” revival and there’s not a minute to waste. We’re getting closer with the end of each episode (which is of course how time works), but last night’s hour was a doozy that set up an endgame more than any part had previously. We spent most of our precious time in Twin Peaks. Continue reading The End Is Near For ‘Twin Peaks’ In A Satisfying Hour That Feels Like A Dream [Episode 14 Recap] at The Playlist.

Twin Peaks” has been a cultural and cinematic phenomenon since its debut in 1990, helmed by cinematic visionary David Lynch. This awesome video essay expertly breaks down the impact of Lynch’s unique directing style and how incorporating stillness is pivotal to the structure and suspenseful nature of the show. Known for his strange and yet fascinating work in both television and film, Twin Peaks is of particular interest because of Lynch’s unique vision, using stillness with great effect leaving the audience spellbound and fully immersed in the mystery of the show. Continue reading The Silence & Stillness Of David Lynch’s ‘Twin Peaks’ at The Playlist.

Early on in his career, it was more than evident that David Lynch had talent, but no one in the industry was quite sure what to do with him. George Lucas approached the director behind “Eraserhead” and “The Elephant Man” to helm “Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi,” which Lynch turned down (he would scratch his blockbuster, sci-fi itch a year later with the infamous “Dune“). Continue reading David Lynch Was Approached To Direct ‘Fast Times At Ridgemont High’ at The Playlist.

***Turn back if your log is afraid of spoilers*** Last week’s episode of “Twin Peaks” was arguably the worst or of the revival, wheels spinning when we were ready to go somewhere, our collective foot on the gas when Lynch had the parking brake on. But we’re moving again in a jam-packed hour that played heavily to nostalgia, provided some curious information that naturally only brought up more questions, and buzzed along with same electric hum that could be driving the town of Twin Peaks mad. Continue reading ‘Twin Peaks’ Delivers A Captivating Hour That Gets The Revival Back On Track [Episode 13 Recap] at The Playlist.

San Diego Comic Con is mostly an exercise is carefully curated public relations. It has become such a well-oiled machine, before the event even begins, people already know what movie trailers they’re going to get, and who is going to show up on panels, with everything parcelled out in well-rehearsed soundbites. Well, thank goodness for David Lynch. The director didn’t step onto the floor at SDCC this year, but instead sent along a video message for the “Twin Peaks” panel, and it’s perfectly, terrifically strange. Continue reading Here’s David Lynch’s Perfectly Weird ‘Twin Peaks’ Comic-Con Message at The Playlist.

Following a series of episodes that felt satisfying with plot movement, this hour of “Twin Peaks” felt like table setting for a meal that should already be in progress. But it also gave us a lot to chew on: new information about “Blue Rose” and a chillingly enigmatic performance by Grace Zabriskie as Laura Palmer’s beleaguered mother Sarah. Also, Audrey Horne (Sherilyn Fenn) finally showed up (but not exactly how we pictured)! Continue reading ‘Twin Peaks’: Audrey’s Back & Sarah Palmer Unravels In An Hour That Raises More Questions [Episode 12 Recap] at The Playlist.

**If you’re afraid of spoilers, turn back now** Can TV be riveting if very little is happening? It can in the capable hands of David Lynch, who gave us one of the best episodes of the “Twin Peaks” revival thus far, an hour that started with a surging rush of adrenaline and ended feeling as though we’d been given a welcome sedative, something calm and reassuring underscored with a somber tune from longtime Lynch composer Angelo Badalementi. Continue reading ‘Twin Peaks’: “This Is The Place” [Episode 11] at The Playlist.

**Turn back if you’re afraid of spoilers** What makes a bad man and what makes a good one? Last night’s “Twin Peaks” had this question on its mind in a somewhat meandering hour (the shortest episode to date) that offered some answers, raised more questions, and after a handful of frustrating pit stops along a rich narrative highway, locked into a surprisingly emotional third act that felt like the show at its best, all while examining violence and misogyny against women. Continue reading ‘Twin Peaks’: “Hello, Johnny, How Are You Today?” [Episode 10] at The Playlist.

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of his book, “Catching the Big Fish: Meditation, Consciousness, and Creativity,” David Lynch took the time to discuss a different side of him than we normally see, on the Interfaith Voices Podcast. While they do discuss some specifics in his career, the bulk of this podcast talks about more abstract ideas. The podcast begins with Lynch reading a bit from the book, which talks about how ideas are fish, and depending on how deep you go, the bigger the fish you might catch. Continue reading David Lynch Discusses Creativity & Meditation In 38-Minute Talk at The Playlist.

**Spoilers ahead** After being off last Sunday following the most bonkers, far-reaching, and mythology heavy episode of the show to date, “Twin Peaks” returned last night with an offering that had no choice but to feel normal by comparison. Relatively normal, that is, with an hour that managed to be both heartbreaking and humorous, a gentle balancing act of an episode that most resembled the tone of the first season since the revival started. Continue reading ‘Twin Peaks’: The Search For The Zone [Episode 9] at The Playlist.