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This week’s column looks back at the David Cronenberg’s 2007 thriller — a tale of tattoos, secrets and a completely different type of Russian conspiracy

Over the last few years, it has become a common occurrence to have a famous director come out and reinforce to us the idea that cinema, as we know it, is dying or is being replaced by an unknown, almost hostile entity. The list speaks for itself, reall…

Hike up your petticoats and knot up your kerchiefs, because it’s time for another Bingeworthy Breakdown! This time we’re spotlighting “Alias Grace,” a co-production between Netflix and the CBC that hit Canada earlier this fall, but comes to Netflix on …

Scream Factory’s new Blu-ray release of David Croneberg’s magnum opus is out now The post Dead Ringers Blu-ray Review appeared first on

There’s still a pretty surreal mood covering the country after the events of the past week, which makes it the perfect time to curl up to the films of David Cronenberg. The master of body horror has never been afraid to go to the edge, and diving into his catalog could prove to be cathartic. And we’re going to help some lucky readers do just that. READ MORE: David Cronenberg Takes Acting Role In Sarah Polley’s Netflix Series ‘Alias Grace’ This month, Shout! Continue reading Contest: Win David Cronenberg’s ‘Dead Ringers’ & ‘Rabid’ Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Plus Check Out An Exclusive Featurette at The Playlist.

A review of Scream Factory’s new Blu-ray release of David Cronenberg’s second film The post Rabid Blu-ray Review appeared first on