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Universal had grand plans around this summer’s reboot of “The Mummy.” Alex Kurtzman‘s film was supposed to set up the studio’s own cinematic universe, officially titled “The Dark Universe” — having to do with the schlocky classic monsters that made the studio famous more than 70 years ago (“Bride of Frankenstein,” “The Invisible Man,” “Wolf Man,” “Dracula” and “Creature From the Black Lagoon.”) READ MORE: ‘The Mummy’: Gods & Monsters Can’t Save This Dreadful Dark Universe [Review] A-list stars were on board: Johnny Depp playing The Invisible Man, Javier Bardem was going to be Frankenstein‘s monster and Russell Crowe was tagged as Dr. Continue reading ‘The Mummy’ Director Alex Kurtzman Unsure Of His Dark Universe Future at The Playlist.

Cinematic universes don’t get off to a rougher start than “The Mummy.” The first film in Universal‘s Dark Universe was critically panned and earned just $390 million worldwide. Those are good numbers, but not great, and certainly, there doesn’t seem to be any clamoring for more monster movies that are connected. Nonetheless, Universal are pressing forward, and their roster of A-list anchors which include Javier Bardem (Frankenstein), Russell Crowe (Dr. Continue reading Channing Tatum Eyed To Join Dark Universe In ‘Van Helsing’ at The Playlist.

Welcome to another edition of The Playlist Podcast, a discussion about film news and other film and television related items. READ MORE: ‘The Mummy’: Gods & Monsters Can’t Save This Dreadful Dark Universe [Review] On this episode, I’m joined by Editor-in-Chief Rodrigo Perez to discuss “The Mummy,” and the hubris of the presumed cinematic universe model. “The Mummy” opens this weekend, and after dismal reviews — including Rod’s “D-” review — it’s set to gross even less than it’s originally projected $40 million opening (roughly $30M right now). Continue reading ‘The Mummy’ & the Hubris Of The Cinematic Universe Model [Podcast] at The Playlist.

How presumptuous is Universal, who haven’t earned an ounce of goodwill with an audience yet, and still has the stones to flash a title sequence announcing Dark Universe, a giant film franchise that begins with “The Mummy.” You can’t fault ambition, but unfortunately for the studio, their confidence that you’ll love the film and want future monster movie installments is only matched by a total unawareness that the picture is a dreadful mess, tonally incoherent, and often unintentionally funny. Continue reading ‘The Mummy’: Gods & Monsters Can’t Save This Dreadful Dark Universe [Review] at The Playlist.

“If you’re bored and want to see a summer popcorn flick, ‘The Mummy’ might be mildly satisfying.” The post The Mummy Review appeared first on

Universal’s Dark Universe could be in trouble before it even starts because things aren’t looking good for “The Mummy.” The cart before the horse approach to Hollywood is not really a novel concept any longer. Studios routinely reverse engineer their movies, announcing a release date first, often before a screenplay is finished let alone gone into production. This strategy keeps evolving, often for the worse. Now, studios carve out release dates for movies that don’t exist yet — mystery movies or ones they hope/intend to make. Continue reading ‘Dark Universe:’ Is The ‘Mummy’ About To Receive A DCEU-Like Black Eye? at The Playlist.