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While we’ll always wonder what Cary Fukunaga would’ve done with Caleb Carr‘s excellent source material, we’re glad the director is still on board “The Alienist,” even if it’s just in a producer role. The author’s best-selling page-turner is now arriving in a limited series on TNT, and any concerns I might’ve had about the show shying away from the story’s more lurid elements have been abated. Continue reading First Trailer For Cary Fukunaga Produced TNT Series ‘The Alienist’ Starring Dakota Fanning, Daniel Brühl & Luke Evans at The Playlist.

In today’s contentious world, Niki Caro’s gentle, moderately earnest “The Zookeeper’s Wife” is the type of emotional melodrama that seems like a welcome antidote. A Holocaust period drama that focuses on the noble courage and empathy of others, particularly in dark, troubled times, rather than the unspeakable horrors that follow, it’s a sincere plea for sympathy, a hopeful call to arms for social justice. And that’s what makes its middling, mostly unremarkable execution heartbreaking. Continue reading ‘The Zookeeper’s Wife’ Starring Jessica Chastain Isn’t Nearly As Gripping As It Should Be [Review] at The Playlist.

Julie Delpy has been evolving into director career for several years now, and it’s exciting to see those efforts coming at a faster clip. And with her recent effort, the comedy “Lolo,” behind her, Delpy is gearing up yet another promising project. She will write, direct and star in “My Zoe,” with Gemma Arterton and Daniel Bruhl also featuring. Continue reading Julie Delpy To Direct ‘My Zoe’ Starring Gemma Arterton & Daniel Brühl at The Playlist.

At one time, the television adaptation of Caleb Carr‘s bestselling thriller “The Alienist” was going to be directed by Cary Fukunaga, with Garrett Hedlund starring. But the busy filmmaker bowed out of the director’s chair, staying on to executive-produce, and Hedlund left as well. But the project is pressing forward, and has two intriguing actors to lead the series. Daniel Brühl and Luke Evans will star in the drama set in 1896 New York City, where a string of brutal, gruesome murders of young male prostitutes indicates that a serial killer may be at large. Continue reading Daniel Brühl & Luke Evans To Star In Cary Fukunaga Produced Series ‘The Alienist’ at The Playlist.

Pair up any actor we like with cute animals, and we’re halfway sold. Tom Hardy and a puppy in “The Drop“? You didn’t need to tell us twice to go see that. And now, Jessica Chastain hanging with some adorable zoo animals in “The Zookeeper’s Wife“? We’ve already bought our ticket. But in the case of this film, there is a much more serious story happening outside of the beautiful creatures. Continue reading Jessica Chastain Saves Lives In The First Trailer For ‘The Zookeeper’s Wife’ at The Playlist.

In an era when every moment of a film’s production is documented, from official studio announcements to trade reports to talent sharing their experience on the set on social media, “10 Cloverfield Lane” was an exciting breath of fresh air. Kept completely under wraps until its first trailer, which arrived just two months before the film opened, the next chapter in the “Cloverfield” universe was terrific fun, aided by the fact nobody knew what to expect when they bought their ticket. Continue reading ‘God Particle’ Is Actually ‘Cloverfield 3’ (In Space!) at The Playlist.

In February, I wrote a post theorizing that the JJ Abrams-produced Julius Onah-directed space station set thriller God Particle might be the third film in a Cloverfield film series. I even asked Abrams this directly, which he slyly responded, “Well, that remains to be seen.” Today my prediction has been confirmed: God Particle is Cloverfield 3. […] The post ‘God Particle’ is ‘Cloverfield 3’ appeared first on /Film.

In the end, all those rumors about Daniel Brühl playing Helmut Zemo in Captain America: Civil War turned out to be true. However, the version of Zemo we saw onscreen wasn’t much like the one we know from the comics. He had a completely different backstory and a completely different look. Gone were the purple mask […] The post ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Concept Art Reveals We Almost Got a More Comic Book-Accurate Zemo appeared first on /Film.