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With David Fincher‘s “Mindhunter” setting a tremendously high bar for procedurals that delve into the inscrutable minds of psychopathic killers, you might feel a little bit sorry for “The Alienist.” TNT‘s high profil…

As anyone who read Caleb Carr‘s best-selling “The Alienist” knows, the material is both intelligent and lurid. Giving the lengthy book a limited series treatment on TV is the right move, but will be the story be blunted by network considerations on TNT? Well, NBC certainly pushed the envelope with “Hannibal,” and if the early trailers for “The Alienist” are anything to go by, the creators are getting the spirit of the story right on. Continue reading ‘The Alienist’ Trailer: Luke Evans, Dakota Fanning & Daniel Bruhl Hunt A Serial Killer at The Playlist.

Neill Blomkamp’s production company, Oats Studios has released their third short film in the last month, “Zygote.” The new film is yet another deviation from what has come before, with “Rakka” and “Firebase.” It’s clear that with each film in Oats Studios Volume 1, Blomkamp and company are making sure they are giving audiences a wide variety of content. Continue reading Neill Blomkamp Releases New Short ‘Zygote’ Starring Dakota Fanning at The Playlist.

While we’ll always wonder what Cary Fukunaga would’ve done with Caleb Carr‘s excellent source material, we’re glad the director is still on board “The Alienist,” even if it’s just in a producer role. The author’s best-selling page-turner is now arriving in a limited series on TNT, and any concerns I might’ve had about the show shying away from the story’s more lurid elements have been abated. Continue reading First Trailer For Cary Fukunaga Produced TNT Series ‘The Alienist’ Starring Dakota Fanning, Daniel Brühl & Luke Evans at The Playlist.

Guy Pearce and Dakota Fanning star in this sadistic horror masterpiece The post Brimstone Review appeared first on

The awards season can you leave you feeling in the mood for something with a bit of dirt under the fingernails, and “Brimstone” may be what you’re looking for. Arriving in cinemas shortly after the Oscars, it’s a gritty Western with some great names involved, and looking like it boasts plenty of style, too. READ MORE: The 20 Best Movies Of 2017 We’ve Already Seen Guy Pearce, Dakota Fanning, Emilia Jones, Carice van Houten, and Kit Harington get together for this tale set on the frontier, where a woman accused of a crime she didn’t commit is hunted down by a preacher with a vengeance. Continue reading Retribution Is Coming In New Photos, Poster & Trailer For Western ‘Brimstone’ Starring Guy Pearce & Dakota Fanning at The Playlist.

With westerns riding back on the big screen in greater numbers, we’re starting to see some twists on the standard genre formula. Feminist perspectives are breaking through in films like “Jane Got A Gun,” and though that picture faced an uphill battle to get made, the revenge story told through the eyes of a woman is not often seen in contemporary oaters. And that flavor is present in “Brimstone.” Starring Guy Pearce, Dakota Fanning, Emilia Jones, Carice Van Houten, and Kit Harrington, director Martin Koolhoven‘s film follows a young woman who meets a fate of Biblical proportions when a preacher crosses her path. Continue reading Beware Of False Prophets In First Trailer For Western ‘Brimstone’ With Dakota Fanning, Guy Pearce & Kit Harington at The Playlist.

Unless you have the money, buying a BMW is out of the question, but the luxury carmaker is hoping that should you become flush with cash, you’ll give them a shot. Because if it’s good enough for Clive Owen to save the day, then it’s good enough to get you to the grocery store. READ MORE: Watch Clive Owen As BMW’s The Driver In 9 Short Films By Topshelf Directors Reviving their “The Hire” campaign from the early aughts, which saw big time directors direct short films featuring BMW vehicles at the centre, and Clive Owen behind the wheel, the newest entry “The Escape” puts the pedal to the metal. Continue reading Drive With Neill Blomkamp’s Bullet Riddled 13-Minute BMW Movie ‘The Escape’ Starring Clive Owen at The Playlist.