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With “Veep” and “Master of None” not returning in time to qualify, will both “Glow” and “Marvelous Mrs. Maisel“ take their slots?  Or could “Barry,” “Insecure,” or longtime favorit…

October is here, and there’s even more television to take in. While a certain 1980s nostalgia Netflix series is set to dominate the watercooler talk this month, there are plenty of other fish swimming in the TV sea, from psychological thrillers to frothy soaps to unkillable zombies. Below is our list of October’s cream of the crop. “Curb Your EnthusiasmSynopsis: After a six-year hiatus, Larry David is back with the ninth season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm”. Continue reading 11 TV Shows To Watch In October at The Playlist.

Fans were delighted when it was announced that after being off the air since 2011, Larry David (co-creator of “Seinfeld”) was bringing his hit series “Curb Your Enthusiasm” back to HBO for its ninth season. The improvised comedy, which follows a version of David as he navigates life’s constant barrage of annoyances with varying degrees of success, returns this fall with ten new episodes. Continue reading ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Season 9 Trailer: Larry David Is The Hero We Need at The Playlist.

“Man Not Accepting Any More Television Recommendations At This Time,” went a particularly good Onion headline this week, and most of us can probably identify. An estimated 455 scripted shows aired on U.S. TV in 2016, and it’s likely to be even more than that in 2017, more than anyone could watch even if they devoted every waking hour (and beyond) to the idiot box. READ MORE: The 30 Best TV Shows Of 2016 We’ve already highlighted a good 250 hours or so in our 2017 TV Preview, but we only focused on new shows (or, in a couple of cases, a sequel, in “Top Of The Lake: China Girl,” or the decades-later follow-up to a beloved classic in “Twin Peaks”), whereas the year to come will see plenty more established hits returning, some of which took a year out last year (or even beyond that). Continue reading The 20 Best Returning TV Shows Of 2017 at The Playlist.