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While it’s unlikely that any of us will get Patricia Clarkson, Bruno Ganz, Cherry Jones, Emily Mortimer, Cillian Murphy, Kristin Scott Thomas and Timothy Spall over for dinner, “The Party” is the next best thing. The new film by Sally…

Back in 1992, Sally Potter was a pretty big deal. She had just released “Orlando” to universal acclaim, which featured an exquisite performance from Tilda Swinton as the titular nobleman who moved through centuries of British history without aging. It was an ambitious film that put Potter on the map and gave us hope that she might be the next important voice in indie cinema. However, with every ensuing movie she made (“The Tango Lesson,” “The Man Who Cried,” “Yes,” “Rage,” “Ginger & Rosa“) it felt like she had hit her peek too early. Continue reading ‘The Party’ Trailer: Patricia Clarkson, Cillian Murphy & More Let Loose at The Playlist.

There are often serious disadvantages to be labeled an Oscar bait picture. The perception of being a movie greenlit partially with the intent of earning Academy Award nominations (because let’s be frank, it’s always about making money first from a studio perspective) can be a heavy burden to bear. In many ways it’s something Christopher Nolan has dealt with ever since he burst on the scene in 2000 with “Memento” and earned a Best Original Screenplay nomination the next year. Continue reading ‘Dunkirk’ And Christopher Nolan Have Oscars In Their Sights at The Playlist.

It seemed, for a while at least, like Christopher Nolan was going to be the savior of big budget cinema. This was, after all, a filmmaker who had earned his stripes making morally and formally complex thrillers on a modest scale, before joining the ranks of the Hollywood elite when he redefined what a superhero movie could (and should) be. In between entries in his Dark Knight saga he made equally heady, but now larger scale one-offs that were equally challenging and entertaining. Continue reading Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dunkirk’ Is A Bruising, Blockbuster Experience [Review] at The Playlist.

One of the most anticipated films of this summer, Christopher Nolan’s “Dunkirk,” is only a few weeks away and a new trailer has landed. The film, which premieres July 21st, tracks the evacuation of Dunkirk during World War II from land, air and sea. The official synopsis reads: Dunkirk opens as hundreds of thousands of British and Allied troops are surrounded by enemy forces. Trapped on the beach with their backs to the sea they face an impossible situation as the enemy closes in. Continue reading New Trailer For ‘Dunkirk’ Never Surrenders at The Playlist.

When it was announced that Christopher Nolan was going to make a World War II film, it marked a break from the fare the director’s best known for: it’s the first time he’s made a non sci-fi or superhero film since “Insomnia” in 2002, and the first time he’s tackled a real-world event. Could he find a way to stand out from other WW2 movies?  Well, judging by what we’ve seen regarding “Dunkirk,” while the film tackles a genre that we’ve seen before, Nolan’s breathtaking visuals make the film feel wholly original. Continue reading Watch The Gripping Full Trailer For Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dunkirk’ at The Playlist.

Irish director Jim Sheridan is a six-time Oscar nominee for his work on acclaimed films like “My Left Foot,” “In The Name Of The Father” and “In America,” but his career has had ups and downs more recently — he was the decidedly odd choice to make 50 Cent biopic “Get Rich Or Die Tryin’”; “Brothers” with Jake Gyllenhaal, Natalie Portman and Tobey Maguire failed to take off; horror-thriller “Dream House” had a troubled production and died at the box office; and Rooney Mara vehicle “The Secret Scripture” got tepid reviews at TIFF. Continue reading Jamie Dornan, Cillian Murphy & Pierce Brosnan To Star In True-Life Prison Escape Movie ‘H-Block’ at The Playlist.

Ben Wheatley, no doubt, has a twisted sense of humor, just watch “High-Rise,” or, even, “Kill List” for further proof of his subtle dark comedy in the most twisted of situations. His latest film, “Free Fire,” is an ultra-violent action-comedy that features a barrage of bullets, zingy one liners and, yes, even a little bit of slapstick added to the mix. Continue reading ‘Free Fire’ Director Ben Wheatley Talks Movie Gunfights, Martin Scorsese & The Kinetic Action Of ‘Freakshift’ [Interview] at The Playlist.

I don’t think it’s spoiling anything to say that Sharlto Copley is the best part of Ben Wheatley‘s “Free Fire.” The only character in the film who seems to have no clue how a gunfight is supposed to work – in one scene in the film, he leads an increasingly anxious line of inquiry about how long it’ll take someone to bleed out – Copley’s character gives the South African actor a chance to dial his normally restrained screen presence (kidding) all the way to eleven. Continue reading Sharlto Copley Battles Infection In This Exclusive NSFW ‘Free Fire’ Clip at The Playlist.