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We seem to be hitting a moment of seeing great actors doing projects that are a bit below their pay scale. First there was Michael Shannon and the Bigfoot comedy “Pottersville,” and now there’s Brie Larson with the wacky comedy of cul…

When “Unicorn Store” opens, Kit (Brie Larson) is determinedly completing a painting awash in “My Little Pony” style colors and glitter, with a more is more approach that literally leaves the wall around her canvas splattered with her work. It’s an unintentional metaphor for the film itself, which alternately overreaches and underperforms as both a quirky comedy and indie dramedy, but nonetheless leans into both fairly hard. Continue reading ‘Unicorn Store’: Brie Larson Gets Whimsical With Her Directorial Debut [TIFF Review] at The Playlist.

There were two big surprises in this morning’s unveiling of the additions to the TIFF lineup, so let’s take a quick look at both of them. While he won’t be making any more “Louie” anytime soon (or ever), Louis C.K. has knocked out a feature film with “I Love You, Daddy.” Shot on 35mm and presented in black-and-white, the film stars Chloe Grace Moretz, Charlie Day, John Malkovich, Edie Falco and Pamela Adlon and follows Glen Topher, played by Louis C.K., a successful television producer and writer, and his daughter China (played by Moretz).’ Next up is “Unicorn Store,” the directorial debut of Brie Larson. Continue reading First Look: Louis C.K. In ‘I Love You, Daddy’ & Brie Larson In ‘Unicorn Store’ at The Playlist.

Filmmaker Destin Daniel Cretton launched two careers in 2013 with his empathetic at-risk teen drama “Short Term 12”: his own and Brie Larson’s. Then mostly known as a comedic actor, with roles in films like “21 Jump Street” and “Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World,” Larson convinced everyone of her dramatic chops in her “Short Term 12” performance, which paved the way to a deserving Oscar win two years later in “Room.” Considering their alchemy, it’s little wonder the duo reteamed for “The Glass Castle,” an adaptation of Jeannette Walls’ 2005 memoir about her severe family dysfunction. Continue reading ‘The Glass Castle’: Brie Larson Cannot Save Its Cracked Façade [Review] at The Playlist.

Some Marvel news: Brie Larson will not — I repeat, not — be appearing in “Avengers: Infinity War” as Carol Danvers a.k.a. Captain Marvel. With Larson’s standalone ’90s-set “Captain Marvel” currently slotted for release in 2019, there’s been much speculation that the third Avengers movie would introduce her character much like “Captain America: Civil War” did Tom Holland‘s Spider-Man. Continue reading Captain Marvel Won’t Appear In ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ at The Playlist.

Here’s a semi-interesting twist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, its upcoming “Captain Marvel” film will be set in the 1990s essentially making it a prequel to every MCU film thus far beginning with “Iron Man” in 2007. The reasoning for this is unclear immediately, though fan theories are already sprouting, but at San Diego Comic Con yesterday several key details were revealed. Continue reading ‘Captain Marvel’s Pre ‘Iron Man’ Era & Villains Revealed at The Playlist.