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As far as viral video #content goes, the Criterion Collection have got it nailed down with their Criterion Closet series. A sort of cinephile version of Supermarket Sweep, it’s seen all kinds of world-class filmmakers come to the headquarters of the great video label, and get to take with them whatever they can carry from their back catalog, while talking about some of their favorite filmmakers. The latest to get in there , following the likes of Barry Jenkins, Mike Leigh and Edgar Wright, is Ben Wheatley, who dropped by Criterion HQ on the press tour for his recent, highly enjoyable “Free Fire.” The “Kill List” helmer is, as most visiting filmmakers seem to be, visibly thrilled and like a kid in a candy store, and picks out a fine selection of movies, including “Seven Samurai,” “Seconds,” “Zatoichi,” “Things To Come” and “Fishing With John.” As ever, the highlight of these videos are always seeing directors get to talk about cinema, and Wheatley doesn’t disappoint, whether it’s discussing the influence of the camerawork in “Grey Gardens,” or recommending “Sweet Smell Of Success” director Alexander Mackendrick’s “On Filmmaking” (correctly) as the best book ever written about making movies. Continue reading Watch Ben Wheatley Raid The Criterion Closet And Talk ‘Seven Samurai’ & ‘Sweet Smell Of Success’ at The Playlist.

Ben Wheatley, no doubt, has a twisted sense of humor, just watch “High-Rise,” or, even, “Kill List” for further proof of his subtle dark comedy in the most twisted of situations. His latest film, “Free Fire,” is an ultra-violent action-comedy that features a barrage of bullets, zingy one liners and, yes, even a little bit of slapstick added to the mix. Continue reading ‘Free Fire’ Director Ben Wheatley Talks Movie Gunfights, Martin Scorsese & The Kinetic Action Of ‘Freakshift’ [Interview] at The Playlist.

On this episode of Adjust Your Tracking, Joe and I open with more talk of repertory cinema, in this case the recent 4K restoration of “Donnie Darko” currently playing in some arthouses around the country (and also getting a gorgeous new blu-ray release from Arrow Video). From there, I recommend you see “The Lost City Of Z” in a theater, and soon (also check out Rodrigo’s great interview with director James Gray on his new podcast). Continue reading Adjust Your Tracking Has A Blast With ‘Free Fire,’ Talks New David Lynch Doc ‘The Art Life’ [Podcast] at The Playlist.

I don’t think it’s spoiling anything to say that Sharlto Copley is the best part of Ben Wheatley‘s “Free Fire.” The only character in the film who seems to have no clue how a gunfight is supposed to work – in one scene in the film, he leads an increasingly anxious line of inquiry about how long it’ll take someone to bleed out – Copley’s character gives the South African actor a chance to dial his normally restrained screen presence (kidding) all the way to eleven. Continue reading Sharlto Copley Battles Infection In This Exclusive NSFW ‘Free Fire’ Clip at The Playlist.

By any reasonable expectation, “High-Rise” was poised to be Ben Wheatley’s crossover hit, the movie that would bring him mainstream attention after capturing the hearts of genre fans with “Kill List.” Certainly, Wheatley was in no hurry to curry favor with a wider audience, crafting movies like the pitch black comedy “Sightseers” and the wildly experimental “A Field In England” in the interim. Continue reading Ben Wheatley’s ’Free Fire’ Is A Wickedly Enjoyable Shoot-Em-Up [Review] at The Playlist.

If the thought of a 90-minute gunfight seems crazy to you, well, you don’t know Ben Wheatley. While the director has long been a favorite of genre film fans everywhere – his 2011 debut feature “Kill List” sits near the top of most lists of the best horror films of the decade – it is only recently that Wheatley has pivoted into slightly more mainstream fare, carving a niche out for himself as a purveyor of art film quality and B-movie execution. Continue reading Ben Wheatley Says ‘Freakshift’ Will Be A B-Movie Mashup Of ‘Hill Street Blues’ and ‘Doom’ at The Playlist.

I’m sure if you rummaged around Ben Wheatley‘s office, you’d easily find a half-dozen scripts or so. The filmmaker always has multiple irons in the fire, partly out of an endlessly creative spirt, but also to ensure he’s always got a project to pivot toward. So far, Wheatley’s filmography has been made of movies entirely from his own brain, and as he’s shown with upcoming “Free Fire,” he knows his way around grand setpieces. Continue reading Ben Wheatley Interested In ‘Marvel Zombies,’ Talks ‘Gauntlet’ Adaptation & Wants To Make ‘What’s Up, Doc?’ Style Rom-Com at The Playlist.

As anyone whose seen “A Field In England” knows, Ben Wheatley can get….weird. But when he’s pushing the envelope, that’s usually when the director is at his most interesting, and even as he’s working with bigger and bigger stars (such as in the upcoming “Free Fire” with Brie Larson, Armie Hammer, Cillian Murphy, Sharlto Copley, and more) he hasn’t traded in his individualistic spirit. Continue reading Ben Wheatley Shares Amazing One Line Pitch For ‘Freakshift’ Starring Alicia Vikander at The Playlist.