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Barry Lyndon

Richard Linklater had a celebrated return to form with the debut of his new film “Last Flag Flying” shown opening night at the New York Film Festival. Following its warm festival debut, Linklater sat down with NYFF Director Kent Jones to discuss the films that inspired him most. “What is film?  Linklater said, “to me its moments. Not necessarily the best moment in a film or the most emotional ones, but the moments that jarred me as a viewer and a filmmaker.” As expected, his choices included some of the greatest films ever made, starting with “Raging Bull.” “That film changed my life,” he remarked, “make no mistake.” Emphasizing the sound design of the film, and a presence of a flaw in the scene he chose, Linklater applauded the picture saying that, “recreating something but also translating that realness into it is so profound.”  He reminisced that as a teen he discussed the film with a friend who said that “Raging Bull” was an exact depiction of what it was like growing up in New York at the time. Continue reading Richard Linklater On His Favorite Films & Cinematic Influences [NYFF] at The Playlist.

October is the season of tricks or treats, but for the folks at Criterion, they’ve only got the good stuff. The boutique label has unveiled their lineup for the year’s scariest month, and it’s pretty damn incredible. Kicking things off is David Lynch‘s “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me.” With the new series set to be wrapped by then, this will be the perfect way to continue uncovering the many mysteries packed into the show. Continue reading ‘Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me,’ ‘Barry Lyndon,’ ‘Personal Shopper’ & More Coming To Criterion at The Playlist.

With only two feature films under his belt to date, writer/director Adam Leon has made a big noise by using very little. His breakout film, “Gimme The Loot,” was fresh, exciting, and low-key caper film that captured the attention of SXSW, Cannes, and beyond. For his followup, Leon tells another intimate, authentic New York City story with “Tramps.” Premiering last fall at the Toronto International Film Festival, it may not have had glitzy A-list stars, but the crowd-pleasing charmer sparked a small bidding war, with streaming titans Netflix coming out on top. Continue reading The Movies That Changed My Life: ‘Tramps’ Director Adam Leon at The Playlist.

In a catalog with no shortage of masterpieces, for many fans of Stanley Kubrick, “Barry Lyndon” is near the top of the list. The director’s visually stunning, melancholy, and hilarious adaptation of William Makepeace Thackeray‘s novel is almost staggering in its technical precision, and it’s matched by Kubrick’s exacting vision. However, the director tried a couple different avenues before landing on how he would present the tale of the titular character, with different ideas for the score and narration considered through the editing process. Continue reading Stanley Kubrick Considered Nino Rota Score, Using Intertitles Instead Of Narration For ‘Barry Lyndon’ at The Playlist.

With the world at our fingertips nowadays, art forms feed into others as we are constantly inspired whether nose-deep into a great novel, or scrolling through an online catalog. And yes, life imitates art, but cinema juxtaposes both into a stunning amalgam of characters, scenery, sets, and dialogue, creating unforgettable universes of its own. Oftentimes directors take their own direction from varying forms of inspiration, whether adapting a screenplay from a book (an ongoing trend) , or creating a backdrop that adds dimension to a painting they like, a la David Lynch and his adoration for artist Edward Hopper. Continue reading Fine Art & Film Come Together In This Supercut at The Playlist.