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In the last 10 years, Kathryn Bigelow has set a gold standard for us to judge her work by. Sure, her latest, “Detroit,” might not have deserved to belong next to landmarks such as “The Hurt Locker,” and “Zero Dark Thirty,” but taken on its own merits, …

With both “The Hurt Locker” and “Zero Dark Thirty,” director Kathryn Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Boal have perfected stories about career-driven, obsessive protagonists who, after finding themselves out of their field or completing their decade-long task, are left with nothing but the feeling of “now what?” That same feeling permeates “Detroit,” albeit in a much different — and sadder — way. Continue reading Kathryn Bigelow’s ‘Detroit’ Is An Uneven, But Powerful Docudrama [Review] at The Playlist.

Will Kathryn Bigelow once again find herself in the Oscar conversation following “The Hurt Locker” and “Zero Dark Thirty“? That’s the big question surrounding “Detroit,” which is forgoing any big festival premieres or key fall season release dates, to land right in the middle of summer. But the bow makes sense, giving the explosive true story at its core. With an ensemble that includes (deep breath) John Boyega, Will Poulter, Algee Smith, Jacob Latimore, Jason Mitchell, Hannah Murray, Kaitlyn Dever, Jack Reynor, Ben O’Toole, Joseph David Jones, Ephraim Sykes, Leon Thomas III, Nathan Davis Jr., Peyton Alex Smith, Malcolm David Kelley, Gbenga Akinnabve, Chris Chalk, Jeremy Strong, Laz Alonzo, Austin Hebert, Miguel Pimentel, Kris Davis, John Krasinski and Anthony Mackie, Bigelow’s film tells the story of civil unrest that lit Detroit like a fuse. Continue reading New Trailer For Kathryn Bigelow’s ‘Detroit’ Tells An Explosive True Story at The Playlist.

Kathryn Bigelow has spent the latter part of her career making films that vibrate with the pulse of the nation. “The Hurt Locker” zeroed in on the fallout from the Iraq War, “Zero Dark Thirty” brought audiences inside the hunt for Osama Bin Laden, and now her latest film “Detroit,” about racial conflict in the city in the late ’60s, is strikingly relevant. An absolutely staggering cast including John Boyega, John Krasinski, Jason Mitchell, Anthony Mackie, Will Poulter, Jacob Latimore, Joseph David-Jones, Algee Smith, Ben O’Toole, Jack Reynor, Kaitlyn Dever, Hannah Murray, Jeremy Strong, Chris Chalk, Austin Hébert, Ephraim Sykes, Laz Alonso, Nathan Davis Jr., Malcolm David Kelley, Peyton Alex Smith and Leon Thomas III, make up the crime drama that’s set against the backdrop of Detroit’s devastating riots that took place over five haunting summer days in 1967. Continue reading ‘Detroit’ Burns In First Trailer For Kathryn Bigelow’s New Film at The Playlist.

While Kevin Feige once stated it was “inevitable” that Marvel movies and TV shows would crossover, that comment is a rare deviation from his standard explanation, which usually sees him diplomatically point to the vastly different development schedules between the small and big screen as a big factor why Daredevil won’t ever rumble alongside the Avengers at the multiplex. Essentially, the TV shows are pretty far behind in the timeline, with even the latest “Iron Fist” referring to “the incident” from “The Avengers.” But beyond that, Kevin Feige’s movies and Jeph Loeb‘s TV shows are being made in completely different spheres; basically, don’t hold your breath for a crossover. Continue reading Anthony Mackie Explains Quite Succinctly Why Marvel Film & TV Will Probably Never Crossover at The Playlist.

This week, “Doctor Strange” (it’s pretty good! Read our review) becomes the fourteenth movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, an expansive, pop culture behemoth that’s also expanded to television. From the very beginning, these movies have attracted a high calibre of talent — Robert Downey Jr, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jeff Bridges in the first “Iron Man,” for instance — but they’ve only become more and more magnetic to big stars as they’ve become better and better (and, presumably, paid their actors more and more), arguably culminating in “Doctor Strange,” which with a cast including Benedict Cumberbatch, Tilda Swinton, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Rachel McAdams, Mads Mikkelsen and Benedict Wong, could put many awards movies to shame. Continue reading The 30 Best Performances In The Marvel Cinematic Universe at The Playlist.

Marvel Studios has helped make lots of comic book characters even more popular than they ever were before hitting the big screen. That means plenty of people are aware that Captain America is a mantle that hasn’t always been taken up by Steve Rogers. There have been a variety of storylines that have seen Steve […] The post Kevin Feige Confirms a Captain America Movie Doesn’t Necessarily Need Steve Rogers appeared first on /Film.