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Joe and Anthony Russo are two of the most sought-after directors in Hollywood. And after the record-breaking weekend their latest film, “Avengers: Infinity War,” had, the filmmaking duo has a golden ticket to do just about anything they want. Apparentl…

If there was ever any doubt about the eternal appeal of nostalgia and how absolutely terrifying clowns are, “It” proved those doubts to be misguided. At the start of the year, few thought that the film, a relatively inexpensive adaptation of Stephen King’s seminal horror novel with a cast of almost exclusively newcomers, and from a filmmakers with only one feature behind him, to be a box office champion. Continue reading Float On: ‘It: Chapter Two’ Gets A Release Date at The Playlist.

Everyone has flipped for “It,” the first half of the two-part adaptation of Stephen King‘s epic novel, but bear with me will a drop a #hottake. The horror movie is certainly well made, and has some great moments of terror, but the constant comic relief nearly kills it. “Stranger Things” star Finn Wolfhard is tasked with dropping a one-liner every five minutes and it constantly undercuts any attempts to build dread, it’s the worst element of the movie, and keeps “It” from being truly great. Continue reading ‘It’ Director’s Cut In The Works at The Playlist.

A few days on from it opening, and Hollywood is still reeling from the success of Stephen King adaptation “It.” The movie’s looked like it would be a hit for a while, but few imagined that it would have been a hit on this sort of scale — the film took $123 million in its opening weekend, the biggest R-rated and horror opening of all time, and bigger than almost any other movie this year, making it a total home run for everyone involved, especially given that the film wasn’t terribly expensive either. Continue reading ‘It’ Director Wants Jessica Chastain To Play Bev In The Sequel at The Playlist.

When it comes to Stephen King stories, few have resonated quite like his 1986 novel “It.” Checking out the book from the library was something of a taboo right of passage for young kids, as was watching the not-as-scary-as-you-remember-it 1990 television adaptation (directed by John Carpenter confederate Tommy Lee Wallace). Pennywise the clown, in both print and portrayed by Tim Curry in the TV movie, became an iconic face of evil, as memorable and often referenced as the slasher movie stars of the same period. Continue reading ‘It’: Stephen King’s Iconic Horror Novel Gets A Triumphant, Terrifying Adaptation [Review] at The Playlist.