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If you asked me yesterday if “Big Little Lies” needed a second season, I would’ve said without hesitation, “No.” The show, initially a limited series, was a perfectly formed story, with an ending that left a slight cliffha…

Welcome back to the Bingeworthy Breakdown, the feature where we ask ourselves if a show is worth watching or not. For the new Amazon show “I Love Dick,” the answer is a resounding “Yes,” which perhaps is all you need to know, especially if you love creator Jill Soloway‘s Emmy-winning “Transparent” (which you should, given that it’s been in our top 5 for the best TV shows of the year for three years running, including last year). Continue reading Jill Soloway’s ‘I Love Dick’ Is A Tremendous Mix Of Feminism, Desire & Art [Bingeworthy Breakdown] at The Playlist.

There few filmmakers out there whose work is as visceral as Andrea Arnold‘s. Her body of work is diverse as well, ranging from the bleak housing estates of “Red Road” and “Fish Tank” to the brooding moors of “Wuthering Heights” and the sun-dazzled highways of “American Honey.” In her Fandor video essay “Andrea Arnold’s Women in Landscapes,” Jessica McGoff looks at the ways that Arnold presents the loneliness of her female protagonists in different yet similarly affecting ways. Continue reading See How Andrea Arnold Visualizes Loneliness In This Video Essay at The Playlist.

Helping to put Amazon on the map with “Transparent,” Jill Soloway likely has some creative pull at the streaming giant, and they definitely wanted to see what she had up her sleeve next. Well, that project is the provocatively named “I Love Dick.” Starring Kevin Bacon, Kathryn Hahn, Griffin Dunne, Lily Mojekwu, Roberta Colindrez, and India Menuez, and featuring episodes directed by Jill Soloway, Andrea Arnold, Kimberly Peirce, and Jim Frohna, the series is an adaptation of the book by Chris Kraus, and details the unique impact the titular Dick has a woman who finds herself marooned in Marfa, Texas. Continue reading Kathryn Hahn Gets Obsessed In New Trailer For Amazon’s ‘I Love Dick’ at The Playlist.

As December rolls along (only twenty more shopping days until Christmas!) the awards keeping coming, and over the weekend, it was the folks at the British Independent Film Awards turn to hand out the honors. In case you’re wondering, this will have little to no impact on how Oscar voting will go, but if anything, it’s another chance to shout out some movies that will likely not get recognized by the Academy. Andrea Arnold‘s “American Honey” was the big winner at the ceremony, taking home four trophies including Best British Independent Film, Best Director, Best Actress and Best Cinematography. Continue reading ‘American Honey’ Leads Winners At British Independent Film Awards, ‘Under The Shadow’ Surprises at The Playlist.

Adjust Your Tracking is back and, while we apologize for our absence from the mic the past month, we’ve returned at a great time for new cinematic releases! And so, we play catch up on this episode and focus entirely on new indie releases from various distributors of note in this realm, from A24 to Amazon Studios. The four films are: “American Honey,” “Moonlight,” “Christine” and “The Handmaiden.” Andrea Arnold is a favorite director around these parts, and for good reason. Continue reading Podcast: Adjust Your Tracking Plays Catch Up With ‘American Honey’, ‘Moonlight’, ‘Christine’ & ‘The Handmaiden’ at The Playlist.

What happened to Sasha Lane isn’t supposed to happen anymore. Minding her own business in Panama City, FL during Spring Break 2015, the Texas college student was approached by director Andrea Arnold about starring in her upcoming film, “American Honey.” Only a few weeks later the 19-year-old would find herself acting opposite well known stars such as Shia Labeouf and Riley Keogh. “Honey” went on to debut at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival and is one of the more acclaimed films of the year.  Continue reading ‘American Honey’s’ Sasha Lane Knows Her ‘A Star Is Born’ Chance Won’t Last Forever at The Playlist.

The second episode of the 4 Quadrant podcast is here!  This week we take a quick look at the extremely competitive Best Actress race where its clear there are so many worthy nominees that it’s not an exaggeration to suggest at least five actresses will get “robbed” on Oscar nominations day.  We’ve also got a fun conversation with Andrea Arnold about her acclaimed new film “American Honey” which is now playing in limited release around the country.  Continue reading 4 Quadrant Podast Ep 2: Andrea Arnold on ‘American Honey’ And A Best Actress Oscar Overview at The Playlist.

Youth is not exactly wasted on the young, even when the young are as wasted as they frequently are in Andrea Arnold‘s nectar-hued, poignant, yet propulsive “American Honey.” It’s more that youth is impossible to experience when you’re young — it is an unexamined state that has no frame of reference to anything else. So in real life, you can’t ever really “feel young,” but you can at the movies. Continue reading Andrea Arnold’s ‘American Honey’ Nectar-Hued, Poignant & Propulsive [Review] at The Playlist.