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Small town life is poignantly examined in the modest Tribeca drama “Abundant Acreage Available.” A humanist drama about family, faith, and grief, ‘Acreage’ is an intimate film with few outsized dramatic moments, but as anchored by Amy Ryan’s mannered yet commanding performance—her finest in years—this lovely little story sensitively absorbs. ‘Acreage’ begins with a makeshift funeral, a bereaved Tracy (Ryan), who’s taken care of her ailing father for years, attempts to bury the box of his ashes in the fields of her farm. Continue reading Amy Ryan Amplifies The Quiet ‘Abundant Acreage Available’ [Tribeca Review] at The Playlist.

Filmmaker Angus MacLachlan has a good history with the Tribeca Film Festival. Back in 2014, MacLachlan’s debut film — the divorce dramedy “Goodbye to All That” — was a hit with the Tribeca jury members and crowds alike, garnering a Best Narrative Feature nomination as well as a Best Actor win for star Paul Schneider. Now, three years later, MacLachlan is back at the festival with “Abundant Acreage Available,” his film about a pair of rural siblings dealing with the loss of their father. Continue reading Amy Ryan Doesn’t Care What You Think In This Exclusive Clip From ‘Abundant Acreage Available’ at The Playlist.

With Paramount‘s accounting department already steeling themselves for the reported $115 million loss they’re going to take on “Monster Trucks,” it kinda makes you wonder why they’re going through the whole charade of cutting trailers and releasing the movie. But I guess there are some contractual obligations to be met. At any rate, a new trailer for the film is here, and yes, it still looks terrible. Lucas Till, Jane Levy, Holt McCallany, Barry Pepper, Tucker Albrizzi, Danny Glover, Amy Ryan, Rob Lowe, Frank Whaley, and Thomas Lennon will all be eager to bury this on their CV, with the movie following a young man and the rubbery creature who becomes his friend, and gets him out of various spots of trouble. Continue reading New Trailer For Paramount’s Write-Off ‘Monster Trucks’ Makes You Wonder Why They’re Releasing It At All at The Playlist.

Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart headline Rawson Marshall Thurber’s odd-couple comedy about two high-school acquaintances who end up on the run from the more