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With Manx at his most vulnerable, Vic is is without her knife to find and finish him The post NOS4A2 Episode 7 Recap appeared first on

Back on June 25, actors Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul got the internet super jazzed about an upcoming collaboration. Cryptically posting an image of two donkeys, many took this as confirmation that we would be getting news on the upcoming “Breaking Bad…

Stuck in the psych ward, Vic is put with a roommate who has ties to Manx… and shows Vic how to defeat him The post NOS4A2 Episode 6 Recap appeared first on

Detectives follow up on Vic’s accusations that Bing is behind Sharon’s murder. Manx arranges a meeting. Maggie finds the Wraith. The post NOS4A2 Episode 5 Recap appeared first on