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Notes and Highlights Reading shapes what you know, who you are, and how you think. Reading is your silent teacher and mentor. With the new highlights feature, you can easily save the magic moments when you connect to new ideas … Continue reading “New feedly Pro with notes and highlights”

The Trend: Live Video Streaming In our increasingly digital and visual world, businesses across industries are fighting attention amidst the noise. Video as a medium has become one of the most effective ways to stand out and connect with an … Continue reading “Trend Report: The Rise of Live Video Streaming”

If you’re like us, you might have been hearing the term “social selling” at an increasingly frequent rate. We hear it at conferences, in LinkedIn forums, in team meetings, on Twitter, and on billboards. With social experiences like Twitter and … Continue reading “6 Great Resources to Learn about Social Selling”

My name is Ryan Cowdrey and I’m the Director of Curation at, an online marketplace that offers rare and limited edition digital art. For your enjoyment, I pose the question: “With so much digital media content at one’s fingertips at all times, how does a creative individual discover the latest trends amongst all the … Continue reading How Feedly Changed My Career as an Art Curator

Can you anticipate the next big trend in your industry before it’s too late to take advantage of it? There is no silver bullet when it comes to spotting trends. Trends reveal themselves over time from a variety of places. Spotting a growing pattern means you must have your eye on multiple sources long enough … Continue reading 4 ways to spot trends as they are happening

Today, news and information comes at a furious pace. In the wake of it, it’s become an art and a science akin to monitor this deluge of information, to see when something is about to break, and to know if you can trust it. Storyful has become a leading expert Real-time Discovery—that is, the lightning-fast-paced work … Continue reading How Storyful Finds Breaking News

Over the last few weeks, we have begun publishing a content marketers series to help content creators thrive. This week’s installment on content distribution applies to anyone looking to reach more people with what they create online. If a tree falls in a forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound? If … Continue reading 7 ways to distribute content

Some people are calling it Content Shock or Content Clutter. We like to call it the Content Renaissance. Whatever you call it, many of us have been talking about the same idea: Content is coming to us at an ever increasing rate. The result is that ideas, trends, and memes have become a swiftly moving … Continue reading Trend Acceleration: Ideas are moving faster and faster – Can we keep up?

A few years ago Marc Andreessen famously proclaimed “Software is eating the world.” I have to think he was speaking figuratively, but with the rapid ascent of machine learning one has to wonder. Science fiction writers and movie producers have often envisioned a dystopian future, but perhaps more troubling are real life warnings from Stephen … Continue reading Are the Robots Coming to Get Us?

Welcome to the third installment in our content marketing series, this time focusing on whether to fund new content or to leverage other people’s content through curation. It has now become an age-old questions for content marketers and social media managers: Is it more effective and a better use of resources to create your own content … Continue reading Should you be creating original or curated content? The experts weigh in.