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The narrative that we paint each and every time Adam Sandler deems us worthy to experience a “serious” (re: not terrible) performance from him needs to die. When there are so many talented and versatile performers in the world who would love to hold the clout Sandler does in Hollywood, the idea that we clamor to enthusiastically support Sandler’s non-just for the paycheck/only ever for the paycheck roles is embarrassing. Not pushing out trash on a consistent basis (with seemingly the knowledge of what it is) isn’t anything commendable. Continue reading ‘The Meyerowitz Stories’ Trailer: Time To Meet The Dysfunctional Family at The Playlist.

It’s August, which means Forbes is using the traditional seasonal slowdown of traffic to drop lists of who-made-the-most-money in a variety of industries. For our interest, the movies, last week saw the release of the highest paid actress list, with the financial site using their alchemy of number crunching to place Emma Stone at the top of the heap. However, what’s most interesting is that the ten highest paid actresses would’ve even crack the top ten of the male counterparts. Continue reading Mark Wahlberg Is 2017’s Highest Paid Actor at The Playlist.

I’m not sure if Netflix is trolling TIFF, but while organizers of the festival unveiled the rest of their massive lineup, the streaming service has dropped a teaser trailer for one movie you won’t see in Toronto: Noah Baumbach‘s “The Meyerowitz Stories.” And the talent behind the movie is pretty stacked. READ MORE: The Essentials: The Films Of Noah Baumbach Starring Ben Stiller, Dustin Hoffman, Elizabeth Marvel, Grace Van Patten, and Emma Thompson, with a score by Randy Newman and cinematography by Robbie Ryan (“American Honey,” “Ginger & Rosa,” “I, Daniel Blake“), the film tells the story of adult siblings contending with the influence of their aging father. Continue reading ‘The Meyerowitz Stories’ Trailer: Adam Sandler Sings In Noah Baumbach’s Latest at The Playlist.

The not-exactly-thinly-populated category of the daddy-issue family dramedy gets an occasionally sparky but mostly desultory workout in Noah Baumbach‘s “The Meyerowitz Stories (New And Collected).” Cumbersome as the title is, it’s both a hint as to the loose, episodic, chapter-based storytelling, and a lie. The stories might be collected, but they’re not particularly imaginatively curated, and to anyone with a basic working knowledge of Baumbach’s back catalogue, the indie movie scene of the last two decades, and/or mid-period Woody Allen, they’re certainly not new.  Continue reading Noah Baumbach’s ‘The Meyerowitz Stories’ Is A Familiar Daddy-Issue Family Dramedy [Cannes Review] at The Playlist.

After spending nearly six billion dollars on original programming and movie acquisitions in 2016, Netflix has proven it’s capable of playing alongside the major studios and television networks as a purveyor of film and television. This was all part of the company’s goal to hit 100 million subscribers by the first quarter of 2017, a goal that Netflix CEO Reed Hastings admits they didn’t quite meet. Of course, this also comes on the heels of the streaming giant suggesting that its viewers have watched 500 million hours of Adam Sandler movies, suggesting a rare week of disappointing headlines for the company. Continue reading Netflix Claims People Have Spent 500 Million Hours Watching Adam Sandler Movies at The Playlist.

There are essentially two types of Adam Sandler movies, though they sometimes come in varying shades. On the left side are the more casual, laissez-faire affairs, wherein the popular comedic actor/producer plays an exaggerated variation of his real-life, good-hearted slacker persona. Some of them are charming enough (“Billy Madison,” “The Wedding Singer,” “50 First Dates“), some are mixed (“Big Daddy,” “Spanglish“), and a few are, err, curious failures (“Eight Crazy Nights,”  “Click,” “The Cobbler“), but the rest stink of cash-grabbing laziness (the “Grown Ups” movies,  “Just Go With It,” “Blended“). Continue reading Adam Sandler’s Latest Netflix Mandate ‘Sandy Wexler’ Could Use Better Management [Review] at The Playlist.