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13 Reasons Why

While many thought the big wins by “The Handmaid’s Tale” and “Big Little Lies” at the Emmy awards marked an victory for appointment viewing, don’t cry for Netflix or Amazon just yet. While some argued that having episodes drop week-by-week helped those award winning shows take home trophies, at the end of the day, when it comes what people are actually watching — or at least want to watch — Netflix remains king. Continue reading Study Confirms Everyone Wants Netflix Originals at The Playlist.

One of the interesting things about Netflix and their original series is that the passage of what becomes a hit (seemingly: the streaming service still fiercely protect actual viewership figures, but it’s easy enough to tell from social media buzz and the like) is genuinely organic. “Orange Is The New Black” became a much bigger talking point than the infinitely more-hyped “House Of Cards,” “Bojack Horseman” gradually built fans to become a cult comedy, and last year, “Stranger Things” came from almost nowhere to become seemingly the streaming service’s buzziest show ever. Continue reading Teen Drama Hit ’13 Reasons Why’ Heading For Season 2 Renewal At Netflix at The Playlist.

Author talks about the bestselling book that served as the basis for the hit Netflix series The post Interview: Author Jay Asher Talks 13 Reasons Why appeared first on

The Bingeworthy Breakdown is an occasional look at new TV shows. An estimated 500 scripted seasons of TV will air in 2017, and to help you sort the wheat from the chaff, we’re going to look at the first episodes of the most notable of these to help you work out whether it’s worth tuning in every week for them, waiting to binge later, or using the time to finally catch up on “Sneaky Pete” or whatever else you’ve been waiting for. Continue reading Bingeworthy Breakdown: Should You Be Watching Netflix & Tom McCarthy’s Teen Drama ’13 Reasons Why?’ at The Playlist.

While there are some who are complaining about the rise of Peak TV, bemoaning that writing for the screenplay now features “long, detailed, complex arcs for every character” (not sure how this is a problem), we’re not one of them. Better scripted material, no matter the size of screen, is just fine for us, especially when it lets “Spotlight” director Tom McCarthy go long. Following his great year with the journalism drama that was a surprise Best Picture winner, he’s back behind the camera for “13 Reasons Why.” Based on the books by Jay Asher, it follows a teenager who unravels the mystery behind the suicide of his classmate and crush, Hannah. Continue reading Death Lingers In New Trailer For Netflix Series ’13 Reasons Why’ From ‘Spotlight’ Director Tom McCarthy at The Playlist.

The movie world was probably at the feet of Tom McCarthy after “Spotlight” was the surprise winner for Best Picture at the Oscars last year, which also landed the filmmaker a statue on his shelf for Best Adapted Screenplay. But instead of leaping to another prestige project, or trying his hand at blockbuster fare, McCarthy took the unexpected move of going to Netflix, teaming with Selena Gomez (yes, really) and co-producing and directing the YA drama “13 Reasons Why.” Generally, the phrase “YA drama” would be cause for pause, but McCarthy’s involvement and the compelling teaser have us intrigued. Continue reading First Trailer For ‘Spotlight’ Director Tom McCarthy’s Netflix YA Drama ’13 Reasons Why’ Unravels A Mystery at The Playlist.

Brian d’Arcy is set to co-star opposite Dylan Minnette,  Katherine Langford and Kate Walsh on Netflix‘s 13-episode series 13 Reasons Why, from producer Selena Gomez, writer Brian Yorkey, director Tom McCarthy, Anonymous Content and Paramount TV. Additionally, d’Arcy has been cast in a recurring role in Civil, TNT‘s modern-day Civil War pilot. Yorkey created and wrote the TV series adaptation of the 2007 New York Times bestselling YA book by Jay Asher, which follows a…