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Kevin Jagernauth

Kevin Jagernauth

To be certain, Netflix has had many successes, but when it comes to the Oscars, they have yet to break through the way Amazon did this year with “Manchester By The Sea.” Simply put, the book seller turned content provider not only has a great taste, but they have a wealth of industry experience at their executive level, and moreover, aren’t seen as disrupters to the status quo. Continue reading Netflix Aims For Best Picture Oscars Again, Acquires Sundance Hit ‘Mudbound’ at The Playlist.

Earlier this month we learned that “The Terminator” franchise still has life left. A reboot is now planned with “Deadpool” director Tim Miller at the helm, and James Cameron will also be involved in some level, which makes sense given that the rights to the first movie fall back into his hands in 2019. What will come of the new project remains to be seen, but the franchise track record isn’t so hot. Continue reading James Cameron Says ‘Terminator’ Franchise Can Still Be Relevant at The Playlist.

Next weekend, the great sport of advertising gets down on Sunday with the Super Bowl (there will also be some kind of game happening too). As always, companies are opening up their wallet to get in on that game day audience, and usually means ad agencies hiring big name talent to help them out. And even Joel and Ethan Coen aren’t above working for The Man. The duo, who have previously helmed game day spots for H&R Block and Honda, were given the keys to Mercedes AMG GT-Roadster campaign. Continue reading The Coen Brothers Are Born To Be Wild, Direct Super Bowl Ad Starring Peter Fonda at The Playlist.

I’m not sure what the record is for the length of time between the first look at a movie and its actual release, but “Ocean’s Eight” has got to be up there. While plenty of set photos have floated since production started last fall, now comes the first official look at the movie….eighteen months before it’s slated to hit theaters. While the franchise so far has seen George Clooney and co. Continue reading First Look: ‘Ocean’s Eight’ Gang Rides The Subway at The Playlist.

The weekend arrived with new movies offering a little bit everything — cutesy family fare, another franchise sequel, and an A-list drama vehicle — but audiences wanted more M. Night Shyamalan. “Split” topped the box office for the second straight week, bringing in an excellent $26.2 million, and seeing a week-to-week drop of 34.3%. Generally speaking, thriller/horror fare starts off big, and fades away fast, but it seems word of mouth and strong reviews are keep the movie tickets selling for this one. Continue reading ‘Split’ Wins Second Straight Weekend, ‘La La Land’ Crosses $200 Million Worldwide [Box Office] at The Playlist.

Justin Kelly’s “I Am Michael” attempts to understand change: why people change, how it happens, if it is really possible. As to the last question, the film doesn’t quite lay down a definitive yes or no answer — just that people make the choices that they do, and have to continue down whatever path that presents. James Franco stars as Michael Glatze, a former gay activist and magazine editor, who in 2007, announced that he was giving up the gay lifestyle and turning to Christ. Continue reading ‘I Am Michael’ Starring James Franco Is An Interesting Story, Uninterestingly Told [Review] at The Playlist.

The bust up between director Danny Boyle and Ewan McGregor over “The Beach” is pretty well known story at this point, but one that’s getting fresh airing with the release this weekend of “T2: Trainspotting” in the U.K., and one you’re likely to hear a few more times before the film lands stateside. But the short version goes like his: after making three movies together, Danny Boyle and Ewan McGregor were going to reunite for “The Beach.” However, when Boyle decided to go with fast-rising Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead role instead (who had major post-“Titanic” heat and could get the movie up-and-running with a healthy budget), McGregor didn’t take it well, the pair didn’t speak for years. Continue reading Ewan McGregor & Danny Boyle Talk Breaking Up Over ‘The Beach’ at The Playlist.

It’s been six years six Hungarian arthouse fave Béla Tarr has directed a full-length film, and if you’re waiting for a new feature from the director, don’t hold your breath. Following 2011’s “The Turin Horse,” Tarr focused his energies on teaching and other artistic projects, and while he has helmed two shorts as part of an art exhibition on display in Amsterdam, the man who forged the slow (very, very slow)-cinema movement doesn’t think he has anything left to say in the cinematic medium, and isn’t planning on directing any more films. Continue reading Béla Tarr Explains Why He’ll Never Direct Another Movie Again at The Playlist.

Sometimes, it pays to have a bit of perspective. James Cameron, who, if all goes according to plan, will be directing a total of five “Avatar” movies, and is planning some kind of reboot-quel with his “The Terminator” franchise, should hardly be speaking about properties that have expired long past their shelf date. And yet, here he is opining to Vulture that “Alien” may have run out of gas: The franchise has kind of wandered all over the map. Continue reading ‘Avatar’ Franchise Director James Cameron Thinks ‘Alien’ Movies Might Have Run Out Of Steam at The Playlist.

It’s hard to believe “Live By Night” could’ve gone wrong. Ben Affleck has proven he could make top-shelf blockbuster entertainment with “Gone Baby Gone,” “The Town,” and “Argo,” and getting together a cast including Elle Fanning, Brendan Gleeson, Chris Messina, Zoe Saldana and Chris Cooper, to adapt a book by Dennis Lehane seemed like it couldn’t lose. Continue reading Warner Bros. Will Take $75 Million Loss On Ben Affleck’s Gangster Misfire ‘Live By Night’ at The Playlist.