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Joshua Starnes

Joshua Starnes

“Red Sparrow fills a much-needed gap for adult-oriented, thinking thrills even if it loses its nerve at the end.” The post Red Sparrow Review appeared first on

“Clever, engaging and warm, Early Man makes up in charm what it lacks in originality.” The post Early Man Review appeared first on

“The best that can be said of the whole thing is that there won’t be any more” The post Fifty Shades Freed Review appeared first on

“Even when its frayed edges are showing, the film exhibits a sheer joie de vivre so encompassing it’s impossible to resist.” The post The Greatest Showman Review appeared first on

“A difficult film, coming close to the abyss and always backing off, keeping catharsis out of reach. But in those difficulties it is sublime.” The post Phantom Thread Review appeared first on

“Even non-fans should admit Sorkin is a skilled craftsman; an architect of beautiful cathedrals” The post Molly’s Game Review appeared first on

“An imaginative, fun, charming trip filled with so much heart it (mostly) makes up for the fact that it’s taking us someplace we’ve been before.” The post Coco Review appeared first on

“In such a rush to prove itself, it trips over its own feet… but keeps getting back up and continuing the race.” The post Justice League Review appeared first on