Is this really only the fifth entry in the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise? It feels like the 50th – bloated, boring, repetitive, draining. (Let me count the ways.) Except for series newcomer Javier Bardem, who brings a dollop of fresh mischief to this paycheck party, Dead Men Tell No Tales has all the flavor of a rotting leftovers. The story is the same This article originally appeared on ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales’ Review: Abandon Ship!

While “Twin Peaks” may be stealing some of the Cannes Film Festival’s spotlight since this weekend’s premiere of the new season (the first two episodes of the series screen this week on the Croisette), there’s still lots of talk swirling around the most prestigious film festival in the world. And no, we don’t mean the walking-talking-dancing robot installation that’s been striding up and down the Boulevard de la Croisette. Continue reading Cannes: Netflix & Yorgos Lanthimos Lead The Buzz On The Croisette at The Playlist.

Game Of Thrones” left its fans with a longer wait between seasons than usual, with the series returning this summer after wrapping up its previous season in June of last year. And with the announcement that HBO could expand George R.R. Martin’s universe with four potential spinoffs, anticipation for season 7 of the massive hit is at a fever pitch. READ MORE: The 20 Best TV Shows Returning In 2017 Naturally, spoilers for the new seven-episode season are nonexistent, but last year left us with plenty to speculate over. Continue reading The Great War Arrives In ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7 Trailer at The Playlist.

Peter Parker shows off his Tony Stark-engineered suit’s new tricks in the final trailer for the upcoming blockbuster Spider-Man: Homecoming. This isn’t your typical comic book Spidey suit: The iconic red-and-blue costume now boasts Iron Man-like vision and AI assistant, “576 possible web shooter combinations,” a parachute and, its most insane feature, the spider icon on the This article originally appeared on See Spider-Man’s New High-Tech Suit in ‘Homecoming’ Trailer

That pesky vampire epidemic is finally coming to an end. “The Strain,” FX’s adaptation of the book trilogy of the same name executive-produced by Carlton Cuse and authors Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, returns for its fourth and final season this summer. Always intended for a short-lived run, the show follows Dr. Goodweather (Corey Stoll) as he and his team investigate a mysterious viral outbreak with marks of an ancient and evil strain of vampirism in New York City that threatens the fate of humanity. Continue reading FX’s ‘The Strain’ Heads Toward The Sunset In The First Trailer For The Final Season at The Playlist.

Black Tom Cassidy first appeared in the Chris Claremont’s Uncanny X-Men #101 in 1976 The post Jack Kesy to Play Deadpool 2 Villain, Possibly Black Tom appeared first on

As this weekend’s “Baywatch” proves, studios are more eager to turn whatever intellectual property they have on hand into a movie, rather than try bring something original to the big screen. The working theory is that it’s easier and cheaper to sell audiences on something they already kinda know, rather than getting them interested in something new. The practice is hardly groundbreaking, and way back in 2000, Sony/Columbia Pictures had some success turning the kitschy ’70s TV series “Charlie’s Angels,” into a kitschy movie.  Continue reading ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Getting Another Big Screen Reboot at The Playlist.